Ignition Coil

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Ignition Coil


The ignition coil is key to have a good ignition which is one of the three main factors of a good engine which are good compression, good air-fuel mixture and good ignition.
The ignition coil creates and supplies the high voltage needed at the spark plug after receiving signals from the ECU.
J.C.A.P. will help keep the ideal engine condition from its stable transformation and smooth supplying of the high voltage.
We have an extensive range not only for Japanese cars but also for European, American and Korean cars so we assure we will be able to satisfy all customers swiftly on time.

Ignition Coil products


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Each unit has a production lot number that enables quick tracing for customer inquiries regarding delivered goods. It can be used securely in all aspects not only the product quality.

Ignition Coil products


Supplier Responsibility

Central Automotive Products Ltd., are automotive-related company, supplying mainly high quality Japanese made products for all over the world.
Central, well-versed in automotive industry, established original brand with the utmost confidence and pride . That is "J.C.A.P.".

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Company founder Tomizo Ueno started a business, focusing on the transportation of materials and daily commodities for reconstruction of our country in early stage. Then he embarked on car air conditioning products and automotive spare parts in response to increase of car sales.